How Effective are Penis Extenders as a Form of Penis Enlargement?

There are many different forms of penis exercises and penis exercise techniques that can be used to enlarge the circumference of the penis and the length of a man’s penis from its existing and original mature size. One of the most common methods available is a simple technique called “jelqing”, “jelquing”, “jelq” or “milking”.

Jelqing is one of the oldest and simplest methods of penis enlargement.

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It is believed that this interesting technique has existed for thousands of years. Some people think that this technique originated in the Middle East, while others believe that its origins actually come from parts of Asia.

Whatever their origins, it is safe to say that such methods have existed for a long time. This method has been shown in penis enlargement, otherwise, it would not have survived the test of time. The good thing is also that over the years, these methods of penis enlargement have continuously improved.

Jelqing is really a simple process. What you do is “milk” the penis, as if you wanted to milk the teats of a cow to obtain, of course, milk. It’s as simple as that. When done correctly over time, this forces more blood to the penile chambers (two main chambers and a smaller chamber that encloses the urethra).

This is important because a man creates and maintains an erection throughout the process of physiological hemodynamics. Hemodynamics is just a sophisticated and scientific word that means blood flow and blood pressure. This is how a man creates and maintains an erection, from simple blood flow and a simple blood pressure.

Suffice it to say that if we can reeducate the physical structure of the penis to maintain and contain more blood volume and more blood pressure, then, as the penis has an erection through this method, it means that we can create a penis. This old penis enlargement technique.

What are the most effective penis enlargement exercises?

While it is a natural method of penis enlargement, it is important that all penis exercises are performed correctly and carefully, otherwise, the penis could be injured. At first, do not get carried away. If you “treat” it too vigorously, it can cause rupture of the blood vessels, bruising and possibly an infection. However, if done correctly, it is an effective and safe method to enlarge the penis.

Before starting the jelqing routine, it is essential to do a warm-up exercise in the same way that an athlete warms up before training with full force. To do this, use a wet wipe and keep it around your penis for about 2 to 3 minutes. The warmth of the tissue will attract more blood to the penis, making it semi-vertical and allowing the exercises to be more effective.

Once heated, lubricate your hands and your penis with baby oil or a similar product. The best exercise for beginners is to force the flow of blood to the head of their penis. Make an “OK” symbol with your thumb and forefinger. With this “O”, grasp the base of the penis and begin to “milk” slowly, forcing the blood from the base, through the stem, to the head.

Repeat this process of embracing about 100 times once a day (for about 2 minutes) during the first week. This will give you a good exercise routine to build. If you persevere, you can easily add several inches of length and thickness to your penis in a very short time.